Top 8 Best Surge Protectors To Protect Your Electronics in 2019 – Reviews and Top Picks

Despite living in the 21st century, electrical surges still poses a serious risk to all of our electronic equipment and appliances. This is why you must protect your appliances from damages or breakdowns, by using a high-quality power surge protector, which helps to prevent this type of problems and avoid unnecessary costly repairs.

Why You Need An Electrical Surge Protector?

Although many times we ignore that a high voltage can lead to damages or breakdowns of our electronic equipment and appliances. This is why it is highly important that you protect yourself from these spikes, particularly when you are residing in an area with unstable electricity supply. To provide the most adequate protection for your RV and its electronic equipment, we present to you the below buying guide that will you help in choosing the best electrical surge protector based on the appliances you want to protect, while also saving you from unnecessary damages and costly repairs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best RV Surge Protector.

The Protection Capacity

When looking to protect your electrical appliances with a surge protector, it is highly important that they possesses the capacity to absorb energy peaks. This ability can be measured in amps and the higher it is, then the more the device will be able to absorb energy peaks. When you make a small comparison of electrical surge protectors, you’ll notice that there are models having different levels of protections. Okay, here is a tip, we advise you to choose models that offer protection at a minimum of 20,000 amps, which approximate to 3,500 watts.

However, if your precious equipment requires more protection, or you’ll be connecting equipment to the same socket, then choosing a model that offers higher protection capacities is a must. Although, the equipment with the highest capacity reaches 72,000 amps and can be used with numerous outlets and also offers extreme protection.

The Available Outlets

The electrical surge protector acts as a firewall between your equipment and the general electrical network, thereby establishing a system that’ll interrupt the electrical flow whenever the voltage value exceeds the high/low limit. So, it is highly important that your chosen device offers enough outlets that allow you to connect all the electrical equipment you need to protect, same as how you’ll connect them by using a power strip. In this regard, having a wide range of option is highly beneficial, because it is safe and economical plus it allows you to plug in many appliances.

Though, some models come with telephone line protection, this will help prevent surges in routers and other appliances plugged to the electrical network. As we have mentioned above, the surge protector should adapt to the size and number of outlets you need, thereby leaving you an excess margin for extra connection.

Response Time

Another major point to take into consideration is the response time, this is because the surge protectors aren’t immediately activated, but require few seconds to get working. The longer the time delay, the longer the electrical devices will be exposed to high voltage. However, high voltage requires several microseconds before reaching their peak voltage.

In this regard, an electrical surge protector having a response rate of nanoseconds is the ideal one, because it will immediately be activated so as to serve its role of electrical backup.

Mode of Use

After you have carefully selected the electrical backup device for the protection against overvoltage, then you can proceed by plugging in your electrical appliances. Once you have connected the equipment and before any peak voltage of electricity occurs, your power surge protector will automatically cutoff the supply of power from the connected devices in order to safeguard them.

Fortunately, majority of the brands and models that are in the market comes with a LED light panel, that notifies you of when the surge protector is in full operation, thereby giving you peace of mind, thanks to the investment you made in protecting your electrical equipment.

The Design

As always, an electrical surge protector resembles a traditional socket, so the design, size and format are essential factors that you should take into consideration when buying one. So, if you’re planning to protect a single device, there are surge protector models that you can plug directly into the wall and the chosen appliance is connected into the same device, making it simple and compact. Also, there are models with traditional strip design that have about 4 or 5 outlets, so you won’t have problems placing them anywhere.

Finally, models that have up to  8 or 10 outlets, are bigger in size, so it is best for you to look for model with simple and compact design, which don’t occupy much space and don’t possess the risk of tripping or spaces to place them. In this regard, you shouldn’t forget to evaluate the cable length, which must be minimum of two meters at least, so that you’ll have enough freedom when looking for space to place the power surge protector comfortably.

Top Picks and Reviews for Best RV Surge Protectors


Name Product




Progressive Industries SSP30X Smart Surge Protector



Surge Guard 44260 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector 



Progressive Industries SSP-30XL Surge Protector 



Camco Dogbone RV Circuit Analyzer With Power Grip Handles



Progressive Industries SSP-50XL Surge Protector with Cover



Surge Guard 44270 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector 



Progressive Industries EMS-PT50X Portable RV Surge Protector



Progressive Industries EMS-HW30C Portable Electrical Management System


1.Progressive Industries - SSP30X Smart Surge Protector 

For those looking forward to preventing their RV from getting damaged permanently due to bad power supply on campsite, Progressive Smart Surge Protector will help you achieved that. This power surge protector is portable and comes with an inbuilt polarity tester, which helps analyze the circuit immediately you plug it in and turn itself on after realizing that your electronic devices are safe from getting damaged by electricity. However, if its detect a spike or a problem, it shut itself off so as to protect your RV and the appliances from damages. Not only does this electronic device ensure the safety of your RV and appliances from a low and high power surge, but also notify you of the amount of electric current being drawn from each leg. With that, you can easily know when and when not to plug in additional electric devices, which surely ensures the safety of your RV and its contained appliances. Its weather-resistant ability allows it to be exposed to other elements without fear of getting damaged.


  • It helps prevent costly repairs of your RV and the contained electronic devices.
  • Installation comes with a helpful and clear instruction with pictures.
  • It is weather resistant and has a thermal protection.
  • It is well-built and has a compact design.
  • It is easy to carry and has a rugged handle.
  • Its spike response time is pretty impressive.


  • Installation is a bit challenging based on easy accessibility to the power line and the breaker panel.

2.Surge Guard 44260 Entry Level Portable Surge Protector 

If you wish to protect your electrical appliances from getting damaged by power inconsistency at the campground. Surge Guard power surge protector will ensure the safety of the electronic appliances in your RV in case you’re worried about the RV wiring and appliances from getting burned. Featuring a surge suppression rating of about 2100 joules and a 6500amp maximum spike current, this unit will give you peace of mind because your camping trip won’t end or get ruined prematurely. This tool will quickly detect any power surge that can damage your RV wiring and devices, thereby allowing you to correct the problems. It is also water resistant in case you didn’t cover it. Its weather-resistant nature helps protect your devices during lightning and thunderstorm. It also features a lock hasp that helps you maintain its safety and security.


  • It eliminates power surge and check for spikes or problems before hooking up.
  • It gives you peace of mind when camping in an RV.
  • It isn’t noisy.
  • It has an indicator light that alerts you, when there are power problems.
  • It is well-built and suitable for heavy-duty, which guarantee its long-term operation.


  • Its light doesn’t display well in sunlight.

3.Progressive Industries - Surge Protector with Cover 

For those looking forward to ensuring the safety of their modern RV wiring and appliances, PROGRESSIVE INDUSTRIES SSP-30XL Surge Protector is the perfect power surge that’ll prevent costly repairs that emanate from a power surge. This surge protector is easy to install and leave your mind at rest by allowing you to do other things like sleeping, shopping, etc., without worrying of spikes or damages occurring to your devices. Among its abilities is that it let you know when you’re pulling excess current, which is great to know when and when not to plug more devices to prevent power surge. However, if your power source is a generator (particularly the inverter type), the power surge will help detect if it is safe for usage or not, which will surely save you from damages and costly repairs. It offers more protection way more than just surges. It helps to detect surges, ground problems, the correct voltage, reverse polarity, etc. It is portable, so it can be placed inside the RV making it safe and free of theft.


  • It comes with an easy to follow installation instructions.
  • It is easy to install if you have a little knowledge of electrical engineering.
  • It protects your RV and appliances from high and low power surge.


  • It doesn’t have a lifetime guarantee.
  • Installation is a bit challenging if you don’t have easy access to the incoming AC in your motorhome and enough space to place the power surge protector device nearby.

4.Camco Dogbone RV Circuit Analyzer - Integrated Surge Protection and Fault Indication

This unit is very reliable in protecting your RV and electrical appliances from wired box that aren’t wired properly. Though it’s not a high-end unit, but it features a diagnostic light that helps visualize and indicate problems before you plug in your electrical appliances. In case you’re camping in park and there occurs a great deal of lightening and thunderstorms, which makes the power to go out, this unit will power all your electronic devices back up including the A/C, without you having to manually inspect it outside during lightning storm. It has a surge suppression of about 4200 joules.


  • It accurately and promptly read the currency and polarity, thereby indicating if there is a good fit or need for adjustment to be made.
  • It is well constructed and has a compact design.
  • It is weather resistant.
  • It protects your RV wiring and electronic devices from damage, which makes you to avoid unnecessary costly repairs.
  • It is strong and sturdy.


  • It is not water resistant.
  • The light indicator is small and difficult to read in the sunlight.
  • It doesn’t offer protection when connected with a generator.
  • Its plug is very large, which make it unfit for every campground.

5.Progressive Industries - Surge Protector with Cover 

To avoid getting your RV wiring or electrical appliance damaged, due to mis-wired or low/high-voltage powers supply in a campground or anywhere else, PROGRESSIVE INDUSTRIES SSP-50XL is the ideal surge protector to keep them safe. This well made and easy to use device will correctly ground the power entering your motorhome by protecting it from power surges or spikes. It will also help troubleshoot power problem at the campground, in case you’re parking in one.

It also helps in showing the voltage drawn and the amount of amps being consumed. This device offers you peace of mind and helps avoid unnecessary costly repairs by notifying you of the problem in a power source, in case there is one. This unit can also work flawlessly in extreme weather condition such as rain, humid and hot sun.


  • It is of good quality and operates flawlessly.
  • It is easy to install, if you have beginner knowledge of electrical engineering and help in managing your RV power status.
  • It has a weather proof features making it highly durable.
  • It features a rain cover that protects the plug.
  • It has a lifetime warranty.
  • It has a clean look and a sturdy feel.


  • Its cord is not weather proof.
  • Installation is a bit difficult.

6.Surge Guard - Entry Level Portable Surge Protector 

Surge Guard 44270 is a reliable power surge protector that can work in any weather conditions be it rain, sleet, storm, hot sun, hurricane, snow, ice, which makes it the ideal protector for your RV electrical appliances. This unit will help you in detecting mis-wired connection maybe at the campground or in your RV, saving you costly repairs that might be caused by damages. It will also notify you of overloading in case the amount of power supply isn’t enough to run all your electrical devices. However, if you’re using a generator to power your RV, this unit will also help you to detect and neutralize any power surge that emanate from the generator. Featuring a surge protection rating of about 4200 joules, It will ensure the safety connection of your electrical devices, while asleep or busy doing something else, thereby giving you peace of mind. This is due to its inbuilt intelligence that’ll shutoff power when there is high/low voltage and restores power when everything is back to normal.


  • It is light in weight and very easy to install.
  • It features up to 4200 joules of surge protection.
  • It help to detect and notify you if there was a power problem.
  • It has an easy to read love light and panels.
  • It can work in weather conditions.
  • The surge protector features a simple LED readout.


  • The LED light readout is not easy to read in the sun.

7.Progressive Industries EMS-PT50X Portable RV Surge Protector 

If you want an electrical protection for your RV from fire and damage to your equipment, PROGRESSIVE INDUSTRIES EMS-PT50X is the perfect power surge protector that will keep your RV safe. This portable and reliable power surge protector will give your RV wiring and electrical appliances protection from any weather condition. This unit will also help troubleshoot any power problem that might be available whether in a campground or from power source like a generator. This device is hard-wired making it unable to get steal by people while you are traveling in your RV. Among its benefit is that, you do not have to exit your RV to check for problem, in case there is one. This unit also helps to monitor the voltage coming into your rig constantly. It features an emergency shutoff switch, which offers protection to your RV electrical appliances and also auto-reset, which allows it to survive and reusable in case it got it by a lightening storm.


  • It has an easy to understand installation instruction.
  • It is easy to install if you have a basic electrical skill.
  • It  comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It has a rugged handle that makes it easy to carry and guarantee long-term usage.
  • It has a light notification that is easy to read.


  • It does make some buzzing sound.
  • The plug is not protected from water or rain.

    8.Progressive Industries - Portable Electrical Management System 

    If you’re looking for a hardwired surge protector with a power of 30-amp, which will help detect reverse polarity as well as providing protection against open ground  and open neutral consistently. Progressive Industries EMS-HW30C is the perfect power surge protector that will protect any form of electrical damages that might ruin your travelling or camping trip. It also offers A/C frequency protection, time delay and thermal protection.

     This unit not only protects your circuit against shock of high voltage, plus it also helps monitor the changes in voltage and immediately shutdown the circuit the moment it exceeds the high/low limit. Also, it provides protection against reverse polarity, open neutral and open ground, when you are in a campground where proper maintenances aren’t being practiced.


    • It saves error codes, which make it easy to troubleshoot any issues that arise in the future.
    • It comes with a remote display that allows you to read the current status of the device while in your motorhome.
    • Its lighted front is easy to read and understand.
    • It is nicely constructed with a compact design.
    • Its ability to offer surge protection from any type of sources will give you peace of mind.


    • It comes with a tight connection, which makes it difficult to plug it in.
    • It has a bulky look.

      Mistakes to avoid when using an electrical surge protector

      • You should avoid connecting several surge protectors, because they will no longer operate as power protectors. In case there is a decrease in the flow of electrical current, your appliances may suffer due to having this long daisy chain connection.
      • Do not rely on the manufacturer’s warranty.
      • Although, the surge protector might be weather proof, but that doesn’t mean you should leave it exposed to harsh weather conditions.
      • Make sure you disconnect all your electrical equipment during lightning storm to avoid damages.
      • Check if the connected appliance to the surge protector is not overheating, which can be the result of it consuming too much power.
      • Check the wattage of each of the appliances you wish to connect to the power surge in order to make that they don’t exceed the wattage of the surge protector.  


      Surge protectors are must have for motorhome owners, who connect to different power sources when on a trip. So, investing and installing an electrical surge protector for your RV and precious equipment is highly important to ensure your safety while on a travelling trip. This will ensure that your electrical appliances and their components are protected, just by choosing the one that best suits your needs. Ensure there are extra safety features embedded in the protector. Safety features such as emergency shutoff switches, alarms or LED light indicator, and automatic problem detection, because they will surely guarantee a high level of protection and long-term operation.

      Luckily, the above tips and guides will help you in making a better purchase decision that best suits your needs. So, selecting the best power surge protector will be easy with help of the buying guide above.

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