8 Best RV Inverters For 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you a boondocker? Or perhaps you are like me planning to own a RV (recreational vehicle), then there is no doubt that you’ll be needing an RV inverter—not just anyhow RV inverter—but the best RV inverter. When you need to power electrical appliances including TV sets, Microwaves and your crock pot that requires 120-volt alternate current with a Direct current, then you need the best RV inverter. So, how do you choose the RV inverter that best suit your needs, continue below…

How to choose and things to look for to buy the best RV Inverter?

Choosing the best RV inverter may seem a daunting task. In choosing the best RV inverter, you have types to search for, cost to look at, and a few unique highlights to understand. Mainly, your choice of selection could be a 3000-watt inverter for recreational purpose or search for inverters with cutting-edge highlights, for example, heavy duty and built-in cooling fan. In the end, it can become frustrating, when choosing the fundamental features and highlights, which will best suit your requirements.

Well, let’s help break down the necessary things you need to look out for in your selections:


The best way to choose the size required is for you to know the summation of the watts required for your appliances. The fact that 3000-watt inverter for RV gets the job done; doesn’t imply that you also need to get it. After getting the summation of the power watts that will be required, then it is wise that you add, say an extra 15% more to encourage a touch of overhead.

RV inverter comes in two ratings: continuous and peak. Although the spotlight may be on continuous rating (in watts) devices such as microwaves, air conditioner requires a higher peak rating. In this way, it advantageous to pick in like manner. Aside from air conditioner, everything   else is sensible as far as watts are required.

Waveform Output

According to the waveform generated from a DC source, there are two types of power inverters as per the AC output’s waveform: pure sine wave and modified sine wave. However, it’s necessarily you take into consideration the result which is either pure or modified sine wave.

While pure sine wave for an RV inverter can run all appliances and generate a cleaner form of output than modified sine wave—modified sine wave is more affordable and can’t run most appliances. A modified sine wave can also cause some interference with some appliances. So modified sine wave is only best for non-digital tools such as microwave oven and lights etc.

Battery Power

It is fundamental to see if the available battery power is sufficient or not. To get the amount of energy your batteries needed, you divide the summation of power consumption in watts by 10. If the general wattage of all gadgets you wish to operate at the same time is 500 watts, then the battery’s power ought to have the capacity to render 50 amps.


Checking the inverter’s efficiency is vital as the voltage conversion from DC to AC generate heat, more watts utilized from the battery by the inverter than emitted. One thing you should have in mind is, RV inverter consumes some battery power even when there’s no gadget connected to it. Hence you should always switch it off when not in use.

Operation Time

How long will an inverter last depend highly on the battery’s capacity measures in Ah or Amp/Hour couple with the overall wattage of the appliance you used. To get this, get the battery’s Ah rating and divide it with the Amps the inverter need to run all the appliances simultaneously. Take for instance, as calculated above, assume the current consumption is 50 Amps and the battery’s capacity is 150Ah. Consequently, the operating time of the RV inverter will be 150Ah/50Amps which is 3 hours. This implies a fully charged 150Ah battery power will run a 500W load for 3 hours.

The Benefits Of Rv Inverters

Usage of Luxury Items

On the chance that you live off the grid and need to power luxury appliances like PCs, microwaves, and TVs, then your best bet is either shore power or an inverter. This item can’t run on a solar panel or battery alone; you require an inverter that gives you the advantage to run these luxury items.

It Prolongs The Life Cycle Of The Appliance

Like, discussed earlier, that pure sine wave generates cleaner and deliver high-quality power that won't shortcut your appliances operating life. This will as well save you cost or repair and replacement.

Usage Of Shore Power When Available

Another exciting thing is you can still make use of shore power when you have the means to connect to the grid since RV inverter can also deliver power into the AC devices, so it makes sense to have them in the RV. 

Best Ways To Use Rv Inverters

  • Of course, you won’t want to use your RV inverter carelessly, so to ensure an effective and smooth operation, it is advisable to use it with a fully charged battery. The battery should also be in excellent condition since a weak battery can quickly drain.
  • Ensure that when using a power inverter your car's wires are working in a way that is compatible with the current one.
  • Check its compatibility before connecting the device to a cigarette lighter.
  • Be sure to use your fans in areas with proper ventilation.

Addessing Rv Inverter Controversies

Which Inverter Is A Better, Pure or A Modified Sine?

All inverters convert DC power to alternating current. If you work with heavy equipment that does not care about the quality of the energy, the modified sine energy is perfect.

What Happens When RV Inverter Goes Bad?

The RV inverter, which is malfunctioning, will stop working properly. This leads to power failure, unit failure or malfunction, and significant financial losses.

Do I Need To Enable/disable RV Inverter?

To properly use your motorhome inverter, you also need to understand when to turn the unit on or off. To determine when to include your RV inverter, it would be best to answer the question of whether your vehicle is equipped with a charger or inverter.

Which is A Better 12-volt Device Better In A 110-volt RV With An Inverter?

In an average RV power is either—12 volts DC and 120/110 volts AC. A 12-volt power system can be seen as a working pump that pumps water from containers into showers and faucets, lights, horns, and blowers. While a 120/100 run major roof AC and other household appliance

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Top Picks and Reviews For 8 Best RV Inverter


Name Product




Vertamax Pure Sine Wave 3000-Watt 12v Power Inverter



Aims Power 3000-Watt 12V Dc Power Inverter



Go Power! Gp-Sw3000-12 3000-Watt Inverter



Power Techon 3000-Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter



Ampeak 2000-Watt Power Inverter - New Product



Potek 2000-Watt Power Inverter



Xantrex Technology Inc, 81201012 Inverter



Power Bright Model Pw6000-12 Power Inverter


1. Vertamax Pure Sine Wave 3000 - Watt 12v Power Inverter

A product of Windy nation, VertaMax can supply 3000 watts of persistent power. It is equipped for dealing with up to 6000-watt surges, so it could deal with the heap of turning on a few noteworthy apparatuses simultaneously. It comes with three distinctive grounded AC outlets and hardwired terminal blocks designed for 115 volt AC control.

Also, all outlets can handle the entire load, if not more, off chance that you need to pull in energy control.Every AC electrical plug has a circuit breaker to ensure everything else connected on the off chance that there's a power surge. It likewise has thermal shutdown features protecting the running and the activity of the inverter. For instance, there is reverse polarity, over-heating, and alerts for both high and low voltage. This unit has a one-year producer guarantee.


  • It’s outfitted with a lot of safety measure features
  • The hardwire terminal block ensure a lasting AC connection
  • It is sturdily and well assembled
  • It highlights a LED digital display so you can monitor your power utilization
  • It can also generate up to a 3000 watts power to various appliances and onboard facilities


  • It's not equipped with USB port, remote switch, and cables
  • The power voltage is less than the official 115-volt rating which can hurt your appliances

2. Aims Power 3000 - Watt 12V Dc Power Inverter

The AIMS Inverter charger is surprisingly affordable. This is partly because it is designed for the continuous power consumption of 3,000W. it has 9,000 W increase capacity; although it is incredibly bulky, it can only be maintained for 20 seconds. So you can’t turn on the microwave oven and air conditioning, or two other big appliances simultaneously, it could trigger the safety alert.

This AIMS product is known as a reliable pure sine wave inverter. It is perfect for industrial or marine applications, as well as for all other cases requiring a backup power of 3000 W. I like the fact that this inverter is quite powerful because it comes with a 100A smart charger. The charger included in the packaging also makes it easy to charge the battery. It's as versatile as you can use it for various applications, such as emergency backup, mobile, and renewable solar applications.Another exciting thing about AIMS is, it will not overheat to the point of extinguishing or even burned. This unit has a UL list; Designed for power saving systems. You can as well reduce power loss by hibernating or saving 25 watts of power.


  • Supplied with AC terminal block output
  • The dual output plug allow It to connect devices below 1500 W quickly
  • An ideal RV inverter for industrial and marine use
  • It generates power of pure  sine wave up to 3000 watts
  • Maintains standard output even when the battery reaches a low voltage


  • Poor customer service from the producer
  • Very noisy

3. Go Power! Gp - Sw3000-12 3000-Watt Inverter

Are you looking for the best pure sine wave RV inverter? Well, then you need not look further as I make a bold say that Go Power! GP-SW3000-12 3000 W inverter is what you seek. Although it is designed for a power supply of 3000 W, theoretically it can work with a maximum load of 6000 W; the voltage decreases when a large amount is applied. It claims a lot of watts in the frame. It can provide up to 3,000 W of  pure and continuous sine wave.

It is also noteworthy to mention that it is the most expensive camping car charger on this list. It is a pure sine wave inverter, giving you high-quality energy.Go Power! GP-SW3000-12 3000-Watt Inverter can be used to power multiple appliances and electronic equipment, such as PCs, stereos, and TVs. Also, it also serves as a great solution if you are in need of an instant emergency backup power. It is equipped with two outlets with both of them having GFCI protection.

 It is equipped for protection against over-voltage, low voltages, and overloads. The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty. The technical support of the company can be reached, but it is limited.You will also find a hardware connector near the outlet. It makes use of the GP-DC-KIT5, which gives you ease in connecting it to a battery source. I believe this inverter is also very safe because it provides protection against surges as well as against overloads.


  • Very safe to use because it offers protection against surges and overloads
  • Offers up to 3000 W continuous pure sine power
  • Compatible with a wide range of applications
  • Can simultaneously charge multiple devices and electronic equipment
  • Safe to use with overload, and bass and surge protection
  • Due to GP-DC-KIT5, you can easily connect to the source of the battery


  • It is Bulky
  • Has more weight than others

4. Power Techon 3000 - Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

A lot of people also consider this Power Tech product to be the best pure sine wave inverter for RV. This is an excellent solution in case of power failure. It is also known for its flexibility regarding compatibility with ships, cars, personal computers, and campsites. Converting DC to AC is also simple with this Inverter. I consider it an excellent choice with its ability to provide a continuous power of 3,000 W and an increase of 6,000 W. It also works well for 12 V DC at 120 V AC.

This inverter charger comes with five different protection systems—which include protection systems for thermal, overload, under voltage, over voltage, and low voltage. Thermal protection shutdown the system in case of overheating—this excludes built-in fan.Overload protection protects connected devices in case of overload. It has protection against over-voltages and low voltages.

The protection systems are also easy to use because the LED light indicates when there’s a problem. Also, it’s equipped with two fans designed for temperature control, which also prevents the inverter from operating more than necessary. Other cool features include wired remote control, red and black starter cables, and a USB port.


  • Compact and portable
  • Presence of five protection systems
  • Provides a constant power of 3,000 W and an overload of 6,000 W
  • Versatile because it can handle many applications and applications
  • A very effective RV inverter
  • Detailed instruction manual included with the product.


  • It is challenging to get service for the inverter
  • The remote switch is bulky

5. Ampeak 2000 - Watt Power Inverter - New Product

As implies from the product name, it is a power inverter which can provide up to 2,000 W continuous output powers. This popular power inverter is also subjected to an overload capability that can run up to 4000 watts. It has a wide range of uses because it has 3 AC and USB connectors. These features make it easy to use for devices that require AC power.

The digital display is clear enough to display essential details such as DC input voltage, fault codes, and AC output power. It is also a secure device to use because it offers protection between several things through the audible alarm.

Don’t expect to use it for Smartphone, TVs or other devices unless you have extra protection on the connecting wires to ensure high power quality. It features ten small built-in fuses, a surge, and low voltage warnings. Furthermore, Ampeak 2000-Watt Power Inverter makes use of an ABS shell as it improves the stability of the unit. It also promotes impressive electrical insulation.


  • Presence of smart digital display
  • Able to deliver a 2,000-watt continuous power output
  • Boasts of its 4,000-watt surge capacity
  • Utilizable in all areas that involve an AC power
  • Outfitted with an auto shutdown defense
  • It protected from things, like overheating, short circuit, low voltage, and overvoltage, thereby keeping you safe


  • When in use it generate some buzzes
  • It is quite expensive

6. Potek 2000 - Watt Power Inverter

The excellent thing about this RV Inverter is that it has three AC outputs. It also has a USB charging charger that allows you to charge your TVs set, lamps, freezers or other electrical and electronic devices.This is the best camper inverter charger for users of several small items requiring AC power. One of the advantages of this model lies in the cables supplied for automotive batteries.

The unit comes with several built-in fuses to prevent overcharging, and all that goes with it. The fans are automatically activated when the unit is above 100 ° F. It is small and light. It weighs a little over ten pounds.This model has an uninterrupted power of 2000 W, and a maximum power of 4000 W. Potek 2000-watt inverter is highly efficient in a motorhome, due to many testimonies that it delivers uncompromising performance when good power for its electronic devices and components is required.


  • It has a maximum power of 4,000 watts.
  • Provides adequate performance up to 2,000 W.
  • Designed for use on the road.
  • It has three sockets and a USB charging charger that allows you to charge various devices.
  • Protects you with its protective features.


  • The inverter generates noise some months after using it.
  • It cooling system make some noise.

7. Xantrex Technology Inc - 81201012 Inverter

The inverter emits 2000 W and is very impressive for its efficiency and power regarding DC to AC conversion. An exceptional surge capacity distinguishes it. It has two GFCI AC outputs and two built-in USB ports, both designed to connect up to four devices simultaneously.

This inverter is expensive and costs more in this list. With 55 pounds, it outweighs other inverters. The good thing about this device is that it can completely protect all connected devices. You can avoid inverter related problems, such as overload, short circuit, low voltage, and overvoltage, as well as many other problems that require immediate protection.It also boasts of other exciting features, such as LEDs, switches, and remotes, which are additional features.


  • Configurations can be programmed or customized.
  • Suitable for use with the on / off remote control
  • Consumption up to 2,000 W of power
  • Comes with a solid panel that protects everything connected to the connector
  • Promotes optimal charge of the battery with a deep cycle


  • It is costlier than other RV inverters
  • And less durable

8. Power Bright Model Pw6000 - 12 Power Inverter

Are you looking for the best inverter for RV to operates air conditioners or other energy-consuming appliances? Receive the Gospel: this is the best inverter charger for air conditioner and refrigerator controls or any other energy-hungry devices. It comes with four AC outlets.

The Power Bright PW6000-12 is one of the power inverters that many consider high power and heavy duty. It is a modified inverter capable of powering 6000 watts.One of the power inverters that many consider as high-powered and heavy-duty is the Power Bright PW6000-12. It is a heavy-duty modified sine wave power inverter that can supply 6000 watts of power and a peak level as high as 12000 watts. You can connect it directly to 12 volt DC batteries.

Once connected, it will start turning on electronic devices such as laptops, refrigerators, TVs, microwaves and other small appliances and electronics in your vehicle. It can also supply up to 12,000 watts at its peak. That's more than enough for electronic devices.Although very powerful, it is a modified inverter: it is better not to use it with sensitive electronic devices.The unit is designed with sufficient protection due to its resistance. It turns off automatically in case of overheating, overload or short circuit. This model has a built-in fan, while the case easily releases heat.


  • It is highly durable.
  • Clear and readable LED display.
  • Low voltage sound alarm in case of heat problems, short circuit or overload.


  • It at times dwindle wattage.
  • When overheated it shut down automatically.

ThingsTo Keep In Mind When Using Rv Inverter

  • Ensure adequate ventilation for the RV inverter should be sufficient. Keep in mind that, regardless of the size of the inverter, it will continue to produce heat.
  • Do not install the battery in an open or close compartment.
  • Replace corroded cables and connectors with corrosion, rust, or other damages.
  • Make sure the battery is securely fastened to the vehicle or equipment to prevent movement and vibration wear.
  • Do not tighten the clamping bracket too tight.


In the end, determining the amount of power to use, the type of inverter that best suits your electronic devices and components, and the protection you want is important. The size and weight depend on the area of your motorhome; if you are trying to replace an existing VR inverter, check the dimensions and space required for proper operation.Choosing the best RV inverter is essential for providing continuous energy to your RV, wherever you decide to go. However, be sure to make a complete comparison of the different RV inverters. In this way, you can be sure to choose one that is not only fully functional but also easy to use.

Our Top Pick: Vertamax Pure Sine Wave 3000 - Watt 12v Power Inverter
  • Quality
  • Design
  • Price
  • Editor's Rating


A product of Windy nation, VertaMax can supply 3000 watts of persistent power. It is equipped for dealing with up to 6000-watt surges, so it could deal with the heap of turning on a few noteworthy apparatuses simultaneously. It comes with three distinctive grounded AC outlets and hardwired terminal blocks designed for 115 volt AC control.
Also, all outlets can handle the entire load, if not more, off chance that you need to pull in energy control.

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