8 Best RV Batteries For You: Buying Guide

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the RV battery of your recreational vehicle is as important as the nucleus is to a cell in the body—yes it is that important! To put it succinctly, the importance of this component is one of the reasons why it is necessary to seriously consider the choice of buying not just any regular RV battery—but the best RV battery. It is the essential tonic that powers all of your RV’s appliances and electronic devices in the absence of power supply—and as well a starting battery for its engine.

How To Choose And Things To Look For To Buy The Best Rv Battery?

Well, the million dollar question now is: how to choose the best RV battery? Selecting the best configuration for an RV battery is essential for the vehicle to continue operating with the expected efficiency. To increase the chances of finding the one that best suits your vehicle, beneath are points to consider when choosing the right products:


Firstly, knowing the capacity of the battery is an essential thing to consider; the capacity of the RV battery can be measured in Ah; that is to say in Ampere-hours. This indicates the amount of current that the battery can supply over a particular period of time. For example, a battery model with a capacity of 100 Ah can provide 100 A per hour.

Choosing a large capacity battery is quintessential because it saves more energy and also last longer. The higher it is, the better. Notwithstanding, it is also necessary to check the weight and size of the battery. Remember that you need a location to place the battery in your vehicle.
When you find the ideal capacity for your vehicle, it is best to calculate your specific energy needs. Make changes by adding more space. Again it is also important that you determine how much energy you need daily.


This refers to the potential electrical difference. Generally, starter and deep cycle batteries have a nominal capacity of 12 Volt Direct current. In some cases, RV owners may likewise choose to install or combine a 6-volt series to build 12-volt batteries that they can use for their motorhome.

Also, remember that solar panels and other chargers can be powered with 24V batteries. In this case, an inverter is needed to convert the direct current into the alternating current so that it can be correctly adjusted to the battery.

Means of charging

 Knowing the means by which you can charge the battery is also another essential criterion to be on the lookout for. Is the charging going to be using a solar panel, generator or power?

Undoubtedly, you can combine all three. If you do not have it, you need a smart charger or a charge controller. This device uses a charge profile based on the type of battery. In this way, you can ensure the right load at the right time.

Whether the battery is powered by solar panels, generators or power outlets—the controller is of great help to automatically adjust the voltage and current to protect the battery.

Battery temperature 

It is recommended that you check whether the battery can power at low and high temperatures. When it comes to low temperatures, you need a battery that is ideal for low temperatures. It is also necessary to know if the battery is suitable for use in high-temperature areas. This is even more important especially if you want to stay in a warm and humid environment — a battery that can withstand a temperature of at least 35 degrees is crucial.

Vibration Resistant 

It is a fundamental feature is to know the quality of the battery selected for your RV. Keep in mind that it must be reliable and robust, as the battery may be exposed to shocks and vibrations. It must be shock resistant and able to withstand quakes. Otherwise, you will end up spending more on repairs because of the damage that can result in these battery case scenarios.

The Benefits Of Rv Batteries

It is safe to use

One thing that distinguishes lithium-ion batteries from the rest is the integration of an integrated safety measure. If the battery is already close to the overheating temperature, it will automatically turn off to prevent explosions and fires.

Environmental friendly 

Lithium-ion batteries are environmentally friendly and therefore ideals for the environment. They provide energy for your journeys through clean energy and minimize CO2 emissions. The disposal of these batteries is eco-friendly to the environment.
One exciting benefits of this type of battery is that it is lightweight. Weigh less than conventional lead-acid batteries—you can expect this to be a great help if you want to increase the speed of the RV’s capacity.

More utilization power

Another advantage of the lithium-ion battery is that it can go beyond the lead acid, allowing only about 50% of the nominal capacity to be used. It also features exceptionally strong voltage levels providing up to 99% of usable capacity. This gives you more time to travel when you are not home.

Best Ways To Use Rv Batteries

To make the best use of your RV battery, an essential step in ensuring a good battery life is to use a high-quality battery that can work for years if properly maintained.

Avoid buying subpar batteries or replacing low-quality rechargeable batteries.

Make sure you check the water level regularly because High temperatures and overcharging can also kill batteries.

Ensure you take these precautions when working with lead-acid batteries, wear protective gloves and goggles, remove all jewellery, do not smoke, and do not use a flame for safety.

Never let your batteries fall below 50%. If they decline, charge them immediately because dropping below 20% will damage them and never work 100% again.

Addressing Rv Batteries Controversies

What are the different types of RV batteries?

The deep cycle battery is the most common type of battery on the market. It is usually available in 3 different varieties which are AGM and Gel and Flooded batteries.


A battery with a continuous cycle of distilling water is the most convenient type of battery you can buy. Indeed, distilled water is used to produce electricity, which is extremely economical. One of the main benefits of the battery is that it is equipped with removable caps allowing you to replace the water from time to time.


This type of battery is closed from the outside, thus avoiding leaks. Also, the gel battery requires no maintenance because the batter of this battery cannot be removed—it contains a very thick electrolyte paste.Gel battery fast-charge but on the other side of the coin is not as strong or as heavy as the AGM or even the wet batteries.


 The Army manufactured this battery in 1980. It is a high-performance battery that uses 95% of the accumulative acids and fibreglass layers. The AGM battery also is very vibration-resistant because the fibreglass plates are very close to each other. It is, therefore, an excellent type of battery for those who need a high-performance battery.


Is the most popular type of battery in consumer products. It is a relatively new type of battery, extremely efficient and fast to charge. One of the main benefits is a long life and an impressive capacity of 300,000 Ah.
Lead-acid battery: this type of battery uses the combination of metallic lead and sulfuric acid to produce electricity for your vehicle.

How long does the RV battery last?

The battery life of your RV depends on how much you use it. However, it is not uncommon to see a 12-volt battery for up to 48 hours when RV owners use their battery wisely. This means that the lights do not stay on continuously or that the heater is on when there is no one in the house.

Why does RV battery smell?

Don’t be misguided even the best RV batteries sometimes smell like rotten eggs. This happens when the battery accumulator fluid becomes too hot due to the charger being overheated which is not appropriate for your camper's batteries.

Here is a video link on the best RV batteries:

Top Picks - Best RV Batteries on The Market Today


Name Product




Optima BlueTop Starting - Deep Cycle Marine Battery



Odyssey PC680 Battery



Universal - Deep Cycle AGM Battery



VMAXTANKS VMAX - Battery Marine Deep Cycle Battery



Renogy Deep Cycle AGM Battery 12-volt 100Ah



WindyNation 100AH 12-volt AGM Deep Cycle Lead-acid Battery



Odyssey PC925 Automotive and LTV Battery



Battle Born Batteries LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery


1. Optima 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Starting & Deep Cycle Marine Battery

If you're looking for the best deep-cycle battery for your motorhome, then look no further as the Optima 8016-103 D34M BlueTop is precisely what we can recommend. I am impressed by this battery because it has dual purpose functionalities. It does not only work as a deep cycle battery but also as a starter battery.

Optima 8016-103 D34M BlueTop, can be easily fixed in any position and withstand severe weather. The 12-volt device has a total of 750 A for a cold start when in use. The total size of the unit is 10 x 6 7/8 x 7 13/16 inches, which makes it ideal for most RV vehicles. It has a 120-minute capacity backup for a longer life of your vehicle.

If you are like me, who like living outdoor and also looking for safe, maintenance-free 12V RV batteries, then you can get great benefits from this product. It is ideal for campers, boats and recreational vehicles. The above product produces a fantastic source of energy even under challenging conditions.

Due to the total weight of 43.5 lbs, the installation is not too heavy. Also, it is also a dual SAE unit consisting of 5/16 "stainless steel bars. The total capacity is 55 Ah c20.
If you are ready to pay more for an RV battery, you will love this optimal battery product with its impressive performance, rugged, durable, high performance and reliability.


  • It has a large reserve capacity available.
  • It serves two purposes: as a starter battery and deep cycle battery.
  • It’s unique and Light weighted.
  • It can be easily recharged.


  • It quite expensive.
  • It has a second-rate package.
  • It is susceptible to damage when hit.

2. Odyssey PC680 Battery

One excellent thing about Odyssey PC680 battery is its rugged construction. The robust product is a significant asset because it can withstand several pounding, whether by snow, by the sea or on the ground.

More so, it is known that the life cycle is 70% longer than commonly deep cycle batteries. In addition to the fact that, this product provides a high but stable voltage, even during long-term use. Another exciting feature of the Odyssey PC680's battery is the flexibility of its body, especially when you are about to fix it in.

The Odyssey PC680 battery can also be used for boats, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles, light planes, etc. In this device, acid leakage is not a problem because of the brass coatings, which have corrosion-resistant parts and high conductivity for the terminals. This can also work for some vehicles such as jet skiing. You get a total of two years warranty for a replacement.


  • It is easy to install.
  • Non-spillable AGM.
  • Longer life span than other types of batteries.
  • A distinguished score of 170 CCA.
  • It can withstand turbulence weather, shocks and vibrations
  • It fast-charging in time— it completes charging in 4 to 6 hours.


  • Lack of technical support for service from the maker.
  • It is not available in a different or universal size.

3. Universal UB121000 - Deep Cycle AGM Battery

If you are not convinced of these two RV batteries above, then Universal Power Battery is an option for those looking for a reliable 12-volt battery for their recreational vehicles. A surprising thing about this battery is its flexibility and versatility. It is flexible enough to adapt to different positions.

You can also expect the battery to work properly with a solar charging system. Also, you have the option to merge two of them, provided they are in a parallel position. It is a reliable and durable battery that comes with a design that increases its durability.

Universal UB121000-45978 12-volt 100AH battery is based on AGM technology, which not only allows the battery to be mounted in different positions but also supports vibration and shock. You can also configure and monitor power using its valves.

A remarkable part of this battery is its spill-proof as well—this makes it one of the simplest and most comfortable batteries you can use.


  • Easy to install and assemble in different positions.
  • Known for its spill-proof and maintenance-free nature.
  • You can charge it quickly.
  • It can be used with the solar charge system.
  • Easy to use rope handle.
  • A great shock and resistance absorber.


  • Heavier than other RV batteries.
  • List Element

4. Vmaxtanks Vmax - AGM Battery Marine Deep Cycle Battery

Another great option to choose is the VMAX857 12V 35AH AGM Marine battery. One of the unique features of this deep cycle battery is the chemical and physical structure of the panel. This is mainly due to the unique process of production and processing its plate went through.
The battery also has AGM, which, in my opinion, is the main reason why it works better than others while resisting vibration and shock. It also has a structure allowing it to tolerate deep discharges and a fast charge.

Another impressive fact about this battery is that it is lightweight and weighs only 15 pounds. Since the weight is minimal, you can be assured that it will never exert pressure on the RV motor. It also offers a compact size that allows you to maintain virtually multiple batteries.

It also has a reserve capacity of 75 minutes. The battery also features high-performance that provides extra power. It also extends the life of the battery whether it is used in cyclic or suspended applications. The fact that it works with less maintenance is also a big advantage.


  • Less maintenance is needed for proper operation.
  • It was built for a long time use.
  • Guaranteed to withstand shocks and vibrations.
  • It features a compact size dimension.
  • It can provide amperes more than enough for the RV to continue working properly.


  • It is expensive than standard batteries.
  • You need a special charger.

5. Renogy Deep Cycle AGM Battery 12-volt 100Ah

Renogy battery has many loyal followers, who they use it for their RV and marine purposes. Fishers can likewise use it for their fishing-boat and knowing that their battery has an incredible lifespan. This is due to the dense and robust network of lead-calcium, which allows only slight corrosion.

By using this product, the RV driver can be sure that it can handle multiple devices at the same time. It’s low self-discharge guarantees reliable performance and can operate at temperatures below 25 degrees. It Common applications include the use of the battery for electric vehicles, golf vehicles, consumer electronics, lawn and garden equipment, and several control devices.

If you are looking for a battery backup or everyday use that can do your job well, then you had better invest in this product. The battery is also very impressive: it works well to save solar energy. Besides, no maintenance is required, it is leak-proof.

In the end, Renogy Deep cycle comes in various sizes and capacities which are: 6 V 260 AH, 12 V 100 AH and 12V 200 AH respectively.


  • It is a deep cycle, general purpose battery for multiple applications.
  • It is Ideal for an emergency or everyday use.
  • A good fit for solar energy storage.
  • Guaranteed to be maintenance-free, spill-proof, and leak-proof.
  • You can avoid discharging the battery.
  • It regulates against discharging batteries.


  • It has heavyweight.
  • And quite expensive.

6. WindyNation - AGM Deep Cycle Lead-acid Battery

This battery is very easy to install and maintain. It is made from high-quality materials suitable for various applications. The battery case is made of non-conductive ABS plastic, which is highly resistant to vibration, shock, weather, chemicals and heat. Thanks to the absorbent Glass-Mat technology, this battery is waterproof and can be easily used in any position.

WindyNation battery is characterised by its ability to withstand deep shock and can still be recharged to provide the same outstanding performance.

The risk of damage harm fumes is also reduced. Another advantage of this lead-acid battery is that it requires little or no maintenance.

Another impressive advantage is the fact that it is available at a very reasonable price. This merchandise is best considered if you need to build a bank containing several batteries in parallel. It is a reliable and trustworthy source of power that you can use in all off-grid applications.

The unique feature of this motorhome battery is its versatility. It can be used in almost any field requiring storage of electricity, from solar energy to recreational vehicle. Also, according to the manufacturer, this model has a variable duration of 10 to 12 years, which makes it one of the best deep cycle batteries for recreational vehicles.


  • Suitable for RVs as well as solar charging.
  • Fully sealed hence you can be sure that no spill or leak.
  • The perfect fit for an off-grid application.
  • It is equipped with heavy panels.
  • Also equipped with a strong and durable ABS plastic for the case.


  • It comes with a Short hub terminal.

7. Odyssey PC925 Automotive and LTV Battery

The Odyssey PC925 is an AGM battery that is highly durable and resists vibrations. Also, depending on the manufacturer, the life span of this model is at least three years.
Coupled with the capacity of this AGM battery is only 28 Ah, which is one of the worst amongst the best 12V RV battery we have ever seen. However, it is still sufficient to give energy to some basic equipment for RVs.

Also, the value of 330 CCA means that the battery can easily be powered at low temperatures. At the same time, it takes only 4 hours to 6 hours for the battery to fully charge up to 100%.
The best thing about this Odyssey RV battery though is the fact that it is sealed. This means that the acid in the battery will not come out of the battery, regardless of the position in which it is placed.

That's why I assure you that you will have no difficulty in making the most of it irrespective of the weather. Another advantage of this RV battery is its assembly flexibility. This gives you the ability to configure it in different ways. It can withstand extreme temperatures.


  • Due to its Resistant to vibrations, the product can be used almost everywhere and anywhere.
  • Thanks to its sealed design, it can be mounted in any position.
  • Vibration resistant allows you to be able to use on difficult terrain.
  • It is an excellent choice for low temperatures.


  • It Weak capacity of 28 AH only which cannot be used to power on demanding electric devices.
  • The cost factor could have been a little cheaper.
  • It quite heavy.

8. Battle Born Batteries LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

If you are like me, someone who likes choosing from the best of the bests or perhaps one of those looking for the best RV battery, Battle Born deserves the title of the most-selected RV battery on the market. Despite the capacity of only 100 AH, this RV battery is different from other competitors with a performance of 200 A.

With such a high capacity, this battery can be easily used with very powerful electrical devices in your RV. One the best thing about this model is—it has 3000 to 5000 recharge cycles, through which this RV battery lasts for a long time.

It's also a lightweight battery. Although it's easy to use, I assure most users that it's powerful enough and can last up to ten times longer. It has an elegant design, which in my opinion offers a useful advantage since the worries of lifespan won’t be something worth worrying about.

This battery is ideal not only for recreational vehicles alone but also for boats and other power systems outside the network. The diversity of this deep cycle battery is also hugely beneficial; as it will be useful to you in several systems; it comes in 12, 24, 36 and 48 volts.


  • It features a universal connector for easy installation.
  • The product is manufactured in the United States that speaks volumes about the range of its durability and long battery life and high-quality materials.
  • With 200 A outputs in 30 seconds the battery is ideal for power-hungry appliances.


  • The only setback is that Battle born is the most expensive in this section.   

Things To Keep In Mind When Installing Rv Battery

  • The first thing is to observe the position of the RV battery concerning the polarity. 
  • Then after ensuring that the battery is well placed; also make sure to disable all drawing, including lights and accessories.
  • Disconnect the cables, first the negative, and remove the old battery.
  • Clean the connectors with a wire brush until the metal comes neat and clean.
  • Connect the wires to the new battery firmly.
  • Check the RV lights for proper installation.


After all is said and done, more is often said than done, its crystal clear to one and all that RV battery is essentially a high-performance battery, powerful enough to run all your electrical appliances and RVs.
This type of battery generally uses a different technology and is more efficient than conventional lead-acid batteries. The only drawback is that the RV battery is usually a bit more expensive than a traditional lead-acid battery. Nonetheless, you will agree with me that—it is worth paying for in the long run.

Our Top Pick: Optima 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Starting & Deep Cycle Marine Battery
  • Quality
  • Design
  • Price
  • Editor's Rating


If you’re looking for the best deep-cycle battery for your motorhome, then look no further as the Optima 8016-103 D34M BlueTop is precisely what we can recommend. I am impressed by this battery because it has dual purpose functionalities. It does not only work as a deep cycle battery but also as a starter battery.

Optima 8016-103 D34M BlueTop, can be easily fixed in any position and withstand severe weather. The 12-volt device has a total of 750 A for a cold start when in use. The total size of the unit is 10 x 6 7/8 x 7 13/16 inches, which makes it ideal for most RV vehicles. It has a 120-minute capacity backup for a longer life of your vehicle.

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